katie o'brien is a Calgarian poet, social work student, queer activist, and Netflix enthusiast.

Born in St. John's, Ktaqamkuk (Newfoundland), on unceded Beothuk and Mi'kmaq land, katie is a white, settler, mentally ill, nonbinary queer human. A recent graduate of the University of Calgary (B.A. in Sociology, minor in Biological Sciences) and Mount Royal University (Dip. Social Work), katie currently aspires to work in community health, sex education, and queer activism. katie also writes poetry, and has been published in journals such as (parenthetical), Riddle Fence, NōD Magazine, and HYSTERIA. Their second chapbook, t ⁄ here, was published by Loft on Eighth Press in January 2017.

Recent Poetry

crabstone, nowhere steps, & skerwink, in Riddle Fence ⤏

2016 | performance Ⓒ Coral Short, photography Ⓒ Devon Crosby

abandonment issues & reflection, in Murmur House ⤏

2016 | artwork Ⓒ Kevin Ng

this is not about virginity, in Birds We Piled Loosely ⤏

2016 | artwork Ⓒ James Scales, ed. with permission by Nicole Letson

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