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Journal Publications

crabstone, nowhere steps, & skerwink, in Riddle Fence ⤏

2016 | performance Ⓒ Coral Short, photography Ⓒ Devon Crosby

abandonment issues & reflection, in Murmur House ⤏

2016 | artwork Ⓒ Kevin Ng

this is not about virginity, in Birds We Piled Loosely ⤏

2016 | artwork Ⓒ James Scales, ed. with permission by Nicole Letson

Zines & Chapbooks

t\here: two-homed tales

2017 | Loft on Eighth Press
t\here: two-homed tales, my second (!) chapbook, is an exploration of what it means to exist as both a Calgarian on Treaty 7 and a diasporic Newfoundlander. this book would never have been written were it not for my 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects residency in summer 2016; many thanks especially to Catherine Beaudette, Colette Laliberté, Margaret Ryall, and Lisa Murphy-Lamb.

a Little Golden Book of   eating disorders

2015 | self-published
my experiences with health often form the foundation of my work, and a Little Golden Book of   eating disorders is no exception: the work is a reflection of my struggles with binge eating disorder. drawn from online journal entries from 2013/14, the poems in this chapbook betray the persistent, patterned, and addictive thought processes experienced during my most unhealthy moments.