works published in Riddle Fence, 2016


we catch LOBSTER NFLD     7
10 DFO LOBSTER NL     064309
and 133 930 136 500

    here, all My bones are out of joint
    heart like wax it is melted in
    the midst of My body

iodine and Tin     found: for sale
the loneliest six-word story is

nowhere steps

magic baking powder
by once throne chimney

mouselike boardwalk
twisted foundations and abandon
ed root cellar

pink rust truckbed
drinks dandelion wine for
strong livers


dig holes in my skin
peels it flakes drying cod
on forgotten wharfs

geological uprising
rock walls bleed water
old man’s flowerbeard

wearing stolen orthotics
at the stone site of capelin
suicide squads