works published in Birds We Piled Loosely, 2016

this is not about virginity

hands, mine, on breasts,

    flatten   explore   push, pull, and
hands clench   squeeze

    roll through fingers
    hide, tuck, cover   up   strap down
    hands, mine

                breasts   mine?

later : hands, yours, on breasts,
mine.       gentle tug, questioning eyes

  fabric   skin

  fabric on skin off skin touch,
  touch, gasp, grasp breath   catching panic rising your
  lips on my neck

            throat, mine
            bile, mine

            choke, panic this is mine all mine —

later, still :   later, alone :   hands,

  hands, mine, clutching fabric, mine,
on skin, this skin, this torso, mine

search       shake     flatten   hold

          explore, push     and I’ll
          take, reclaim — what’s softly, securely,

              wholly mine